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I’m a scientist by education (I wrote my thesis on hantaviral transmission and am still kind of into subway rats as a result), a former paralegal by training (two years corporate environmental (boo), one year divorce (also boo)), and a writer by sheer force of will.

I wrote a book! feeling things in public places: essays on growth (of a person and an illness) follows the long, meandering, and arduous path to my diagnosis of schizoaffective disorder, bipolar type. It’s coming out later this year from Eliezer Tristan Publishing.

You can find links to my shorter published writing here. I’ve got a novel in the works (a private eye is asked to look into a murder case, but finds something supernatural at play), and I have a bunch of short stories, flash fiction, and essays that I’m working on submitting to journals and contests. Right now, though, I’m focusing on poetry and book arts. (Not really by choice - I took a creative writing class that completely blew my mind and as a result, those things are more or less all I think about.) (Speaking of: I wrote some poetry and made some art! You can buy copies of those things over here.)

You can find me on Instagram @ohmycarling, where I talk a lot about mental health, disability, and I tend to get really intense about identity-first language (I am HERE FOR IT). You can also follow me on Facebook. Want updates in your inbox? Sign up here for a no-more-than-monthly newsletter! Want access to secret content and more sporadic updates? Join me on Patreon!