feeling things in public places - PREORDER

feeling things in public places - PREORDER


essays on growth

(of a person and an illness)

one person’s travels and travails through the health industry to get to a diagnosis that fits

eliezer tristan publishing

Carling Mars has always lived with mental illness. Hallucinations, delusions, depression, mania, suicidal thinking: my goodness, has it been difficult. From terrible therapists and psychiatrists to destabilizing medication changes to hospitalizations, Carling’s been through kind of a lot. Work went from upsetting to painful to incompatible with life. Some friends disappear when you start talking about it.

But, in a shocking twist, life goes on. Making new friends, helping others, learning from the pain, falling in love, growing, becoming a better person; all these things (and more!) happen in these pages, some despite mental illness, but a good amount because of mental illness. It turns out that even a severely mentally ill person can have a life worth fighting for.

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